Case Study

Marsh Supermarkets

We gave a grocery chain a fresh and modern overhaul to establish a niche in a crowded market.

Custom Core 

Grey Dog Media creates world-class custom content that delivers a strategic, cohesive brand message across multiple platforms. At the heart of this plan is Dish, a targeted, high-quality print magazine geared to be customers’ go-to resource for food and lifestyle information. The magazine’s engaging photographs, stories and delicious recipes are produced by a team of Grey Dog Media professionals with extensive experience developing valued home-and-family content for some of America’s favorite consumer magazines and books. Readers turn to each issue repeatedly, giving it a home on a coffee table or kitchen counter. Content is developed with an eye toward extending its reach. Text and images are created with flexibility so they can be translated and enhanced for all media environments: print, digital, social media or signage. The goal is maximizing ROI by promoting the greatest frequency of interactions.

Omni-channel content distribution starts with print
As we created a magazine and redesigned website for Marsh Supermarkets, we developed a signature style for photography and typography that they could use in any application.

Connecting Socially

After producing a beautiful magazine, we want people to share it. It’s fortunate that striking images, flavorful recipes and home-and-family content are in demand on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media. In turn, these venues draw readers to the Marsh website for recipes, information and downloadables.

Web Presence

The Marsh company website is an opportunity to welcome customers to this brand and its stores. Visitors to the website find valuable content such as beautiful photography, entertaining features, problem-solving instructions and event- or seasonally-specific information and products. Stirring customer interest encourages frequent visits and deeper connections. Showing readers that they can access recipes or download the latest issue of the magazine is a chance to serve customers with valuable information when they are making their shopping plans. When Marsh asked Grey Dog Media to update their site and marketing materials, we delivered a fresh, modern look that is as beautiful as it is easy to navigate. For the Marsh site, every department needed well-researched information, so our writers gathered data about vendors and interviewed key company managers and executives.

Check out the Marsh website.

Grey Dog Media develops custom recipes that clients can use as content marketing across multiple channels.

Recipe Development

Marsh wanted a fully populated recipe section on its website, and Grey Dog Media delivered by developing hundreds of recipes for the site’s launch. The site’s recipe base continues to grow with offerings from each quarterly issue of Dish. This consistent addition of fresh content gives customers more reasons to return. 

The example, above, shows a recipe we developed, tested, photographed and published in Dish. This content can be translated for use on the website and in stores. The in-store recipe card, top right, was one in a set of 100 cards that Marsh printed for POS. Marsh also has published Grey Dog Media-developed and -photographed recipes in their weekly circular to support Grey Dog Media-produced television commercials, which featured our inspirational food photography.

Signage for Marsh Supermarkets | by Grey Dog Media

Navigational Signage

Grey Dog Media designed banners, shelf talkers, blades and other signs for Marsh stores. We developed a versatile color palette and used Marsh’s brand typography for signs that were clean yet impactful. The signage used photography and styling consistent with the aesthetic we developed for Dish magazine and the website.

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